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The phenotype and function of naturally existing regulatory dendritic cells in nematode-infected mice [期刊论文]苏钟2011
Synergy of the antiretroviral protease inhibitor indinavir and chloroquine against malaria parasites in vitro and in vivo [期刊论文]陈小平2011
Potent Neutralization of Influenza A Virus by a Single-Domain Antibody Blocking M2 Ion Channel Protein [期刊论文]陈昌友2011
Mechanistic insights into the roles of three linked single-stranded template binding residues of MMLV reverse transcriptase in misincorporation and mispair extension fidelity of DNA synthesis [期刊论文]Tao Peng2011
Inhibition of enterovirus 71 replication by chrysosplenetin and penduletin [期刊论文]Tao Peng2011
Hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 alpha regulates liver triglyceride metabolism in part through secreted phospholipase A2 GXIIB [期刊论文]黄志伟2011
Epidemiology of preexisting anti-adenovirus antibodies in healthy people and AIDS patients in Guangzhou, China. [期刊论文]陈凌2011
Epidemiology of adenovirus type 5 neutralizing antibodies in healthy people and AIDS patients in Guangzhou, southern China. [期刊论文]陈凌2011
Enhancement of Gag-Specific But Reduction of Env- and Pol-Specific CD8(+) T Cell Responses by Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Nonstructural Proteins In Mice. [期刊论文]陈凌2011
Antitumor effect of malaria parasite infection in a murine Lewis lung cancer model through induction of innate and adaptive immunity [期刊论文]陈小平2011


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